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Leather Hats

    Axis leather hat is realized with a researched quality of leather

    Surprisingly comfortable fitting, leather hat has become a successful headdress used for every occasion, sporty, elegant, for men and women.

    Well-finished in every detail, our models are completely created and realized in our factory by qualified person. They are characterized by high quality, craftsmanship and design. The use of leather as a raw material asks for workmanship, from which are born our original and innovative leather hats.

    Axis leather hats collection is presented in different colors that sometimes arrive to unique and unrepeatable colors, through printing and nuances with a strong artistic value. You can also find eco-friendly leather among Axis proposals and its use is less complicated in the different working phases.

    Also eco-friendly leather hats are realized with the unmistakable attention to details and to the style that characterize our production. Besides it is possible to customize the hats following customer requests.

    The significant experience cumulated with the most important brand of high couture, the attention in the research of style of the leather hat, the strict selection of raw materials and the craftsmanship permit Axis to satisfy the exigencies of both national and international customers, such as shopping centers and boutiques.

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