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The different kind of hat making Featured

    A wide range of materials can be used in the making of both men’s and women’s hats. For best results, the materials used in millinery, have to have characteristics suitable for the type of hat, the season in which they are worn and the occasions for which they are intended.

    The main types of materials are:

    - The General Fabric (summer / winter)
    There is a huge range of textile options, aimed at both the warm seasons and  those icy ones. Carefully chosen through painstaking research, the fabrics selected for the various collections are of excellent quality and exclusiveness. The colours range from solid colours to particular patterns which are dictated by market trends, they are different and unique season after season. Further exclusivity to the fabric is obtained through additional finishing processes.

    - Fur
    The fur sector is for the elite. Any headgear, made with this particular type of leather results in being really unique. Used exclusively for the winter collections, the fur is preferred by those who love to wear an important accessory. An ornament that does not pass unnoticed. The most classic colouring comes from real fur, while synthetic fur can be used for more garish tones. In addition, through particular types of dye distinctive results and truly original shades can be produced resulting in effects which are indeed unique.

    - Straw
    The straw hat has a place in fashion within its own right. It is known for lightness and exceptional workmanship and can be considered a wardrobe essential. Being an authentic product, made from a material of natural origin, it fully expresses the concept of individuality and craftmanship. The straw hat was originally offered only in natural colours but today it is possible to choose from a large selection of colours. In addition to these innovations with the use of dyes, the processing techniques have also been refined over time. In fact some special types of weaves have allowed for the creation of truly unique hats.

    -Leather or Eco-Leather
    Skin, except for some rare exceptions, is a material mainly used for specific seasons. As with fur, skin is a particular product which lends itself to the production to innovation. The colours are varied, sometimes resulting in unique and unrepeatable effects, with prints and / or shades of strong artistic value. The leather processing requires great skill, while the faux leather requires less attention in the various stages of processing of the finished product. The latter, eco-leather, has been very successful in the field of fashion, because it looks remarkably like the actual skin, but requires a less complex treatment. It is good-looking  but at a moderate cost.

    This is used mainly in the making of winter collections. Felt requires particularly important production processes since it belongs to the category of TNT (Non-Woven Fabrics). The colours of felt hats are manifold although normally  made using plain colours in various shades. Sometimes, however, as dictated by fashion for specific reasons, tone-on-tone or different colours can be run. In addition, an authentic and unusual working makes it a special felt hat. In fact, through the exceptional carving technique, the felt hat is able to obtain an exclusive originality. The singularity of a unique and inimitable product.

    The processing that can be performed on these materials are many. Among the best known are the washes (stone-wash, etc.)., decorative prints or patterns, embroidery (lettering, logos, etc), applications of various kinds (ribbons, stones, etc.) and also hand painting.

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    A wide range of materials can be used in the making of both men’s and women’s hats. For best results, the materials used in millinery, have to have characteristics suitable...

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