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To characterize the production a careful research on the stylistic front , the selection of raw materials, the craftsmanship of the "Made in Italy" , for the perfect blend of design and practicality.

Design , development and production

- Search trends.

This first stage outlines the themes, patterns, colors, materials and accessories / decorations  of  the current season . The research expands to obtain satisfactory results, and is able to generate original and innovative ideas.

- Design of the collection.

After selecting carefully , the material acquired during the research phase , we proceed with the design of the collection itself. We begin to sketch the first drawings made by hand or through media, to continue later with the combinations of materials and accessories / decorations. We specify the prints , embroidery , knitting stitches , working details and specific color variants . The whole is correlated by detailed technical sheets, with all the information relating to the product.

- Implementation of patterns and prototypes.

In the modeling division the patterns are made and the prototypes of each piece from the collection, processing the best product and making the appropriate changes. During the adjustment of the prototypes,  it is possible to obtain excellent results on the performance of the product.

- Production of the collection.

Once the modeling division has made an excellent work, we proceed with the actual construction of the entire collection. For work performed on fabric, various placements are made on the fabric of the models, we proceed to cut out and we assemble the relevant pieces that make up each item, and to finish the hat. For processes carried out on the straw , we must prepare the raw material ( formed by the stems of grasses or other plants ) , obtained through careful selection and proper packaging of the fabric. The various production processes, subsequently made , are: finishing, consisting of washing and bleaching, dyeing, dressing, getting into shape and ironing. Finally, for the processing carried out with the felt, the procedures can be divided in two phases: in white and black. The processing in white, provides for the development of various phases , such as: mischiatura , the sfioccatura and lapping , the basting of the cone of felt, the final fulling and dyeing of hats. After processing in white , we proceed with that in black , commonly called shaping . This stage allows to give the desired shape to the felt , hot working the material wet , with the help of a head ( or forms of wood) and the tripod . Once the desired shape is achieved, the felt is pressed and dried. Ironed with  a specific iron, which corrects its stiffness and defines the shape of the hat, creating the style that fashion demands. Subsequently, finishing operations were carried out inside and outside. At the end of the different production processes , the phase that unites the processing of the different materials , is that relating to the decoration of the product. Usually we apply the accessories of aesthetic value, to give the product greater prestige.

- Quality control.

In order to certify the composition of the raw materials used, in collaboration with specialized companies are run certain types of " analytical testing ." The finished product is then examined again , through further tests , capable of determining the quality control. These tests are carried out by professionals who assess if it conforms to the characteristics given in the data sheets . If necessary more ironing is performed, and once we have received positive test results , we proceed with the steps of labeling , packaging and shipping of the goods.
Each transaction listed above, is carried out by qualified and skilled personnel  If necessary, at the customer's request , we can put some customer references on the items.

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