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Furry Hats

Axis furry hat is a cult accessory, that protect from cold and make your outfit more glamorous.

It can be worn with nonchalance and it is always present in the wardrobe of a woman who doesn’t want to pass unnoticed.

Exclusively proposed for winter collections, furry hats are realized in the most classic colors of the real fur and in different models, among which there is always the busby, beloved for its eternal vintage charm.

The expert hands of master craftsmen take care of every detail on the manufacturing of furry hats, with a particular attention for finishing.

Accuracy in manufacturing and stylistic choices aim to underline customers’ femininity. Next to natural materials, inside furry hats collection, the use of synthetic furry (or the so-called ecologic furry) is gaining more and more room, also for its versatility in the use of colors, that may have even flashy shades.

Besides, through particular dyeing, it is possible to obtain singular effects and original nuance. Axis ecologic furry hats add to aesthetic a great practice.

Ideal to face winter, they are realized with rigorously made in Italy products and can be used both for sporty or elegant outfits.

The significant experience cumulated with the most important brand of high couture, the attention in the research of style of the furry hat, the strict selection of raw materials and the craftsmanship permit Axis to satisfy the exigencies of both national and international customers, such as shopping centers and boutiques.

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