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    The Carlo Forti’s brand is specializing in production of hats for men and women. It is young and dynamic and represents the perfect combination of tradition, quality and modernity. Each product is hand-crafted with highly- skilled tecniques and high quality materials.

    Following the latest fashion trends, Carlo Forti is completely Made In Italy. Worlwide fashion boutiques always choose Carlo Forti for its innovative materials, its style and its particular passion for details and a search for perfection. Carlo Forti also creates limited edition of its precious hats.

    Made in Italy - creativity…

    The "Made in Italy" has ancient prestige . It is based on the creativity that combines quality and creativity ....

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    The different kind of hat making

    The different kind of hat…

    A wide range of materials can be used in the making of both men’s and women’s hats. For best results,... Read more


    Furry Hats

    Furry Hats

    Axis furry hat is a cult accessory, that protect from cold and make your outfit more glamorous. It can be worn...

    Felt Hats

    Felt Hats

    The felt hat has a focus role in Axis winter collection and it is considered “the avant-garde for the cold...

    Woven hats

    Axis woven hats can be used in every season, always in style, because they are realized in a wide range of Made in Italy textile proposal, that go from all-wool... Read more

    Knitting Hats

    Knitting Hats

    Knitting hats are always available among the proposal of Axis winter collection. Particularly refined, they are realized both for men and women. To realize knitting hats Axis uses a wide range... Read more

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