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Knitting Hats

    Knitting hats are always available among the proposal of Axis winter collection.

    Particularly refined, they are realized both for men and women. To realize knitting hats Axis uses a wide range of yarns, both solid color and patterned, which are worked using different techniques to exalt thermic and aesthetic quality.

    The constant research to new materials and shapes comported an evolution in the knitting hat, by the use of particular yarns, often blended and mélange, next to the traditional angora, mohair, all wool, cashmere or mixed with natural, artificial or synthetic fibers.

    Rich in proposal and models, knitting hats collection comes from the careful research on the stylistic front, from the selection of yarns and from the craftsmanship of Made in Italy.

    As they are realized using the most modern technologies and refined by hand, thanks to the handicrafts of masters, knitting hats may have applications of accessories and customizations, that give them more value and a product of high quality level.

    Knitting hat is perfect for every occasion, during the day, with a sporty outfit and by night, with an elegant suit such as trousers and a silky black top. The experience cumulated with the most important brand of high couture, the attention in the research of style of the knitting hat for man and woman, the strict selection of raw materials and the craftsmanship permit Axis to satisfy the exigencies of both national and international customers.

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